Executive Board

LCC Physics & Detectors Executive Board

The executive board is the core group of the LCC physics and detector organisation. All key decisions within the LCC physics and detector structure will be made by this group.

It consists of the following members:

  • LCC associate director for physics and detectors;
  • Past LCC associate director for physics and detectors;
  • One representative from each of the detector groups;
  • The conveners or representative of working groups;
  • Regional contacts.

Current membership:

  • Jim Brau, Associate Director
  • Hitoshi Yamamoto, Past Associate Director
  • Juan Fuster, European Regional Contact
  • Dmitri Denisov, North American Regional Contact
  • Keisuke Fujii, Asian Regional Contact & Physics
  • Frank Simon, CLICdp
  • Andy White, SiD
  • Ties Behnke, ILD
  • Maksym Titov, Detector R&D liaison
  • Christophe Grojean, Physics
  • Michael Peskin, Physics
  • Karsten Buesser, MDI
  • Gerald Eigen, Conference Talks
  • Norman Graf/Frank Gaede, Software & Computing
  • Jenny List, ILC Parameters
  • Sakue Yamada, ILC Infrastructure & Planning

Meeting minutes

Meeting minutes of the Physics and Detectors Executive Board (access requires authorisation)

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