Working group - ILC parameters

The ILC Parameters joint working group

The ILC parameter working group reports to the LCC Directorate. It consists of members from both the ILC accelerator and the physics & detector groups where each team selects a co-convener for this working group.

This working group prepares information on ILC machine parameters and staging scenarios as well as potential upgrade paths in a form readily usable by the LCC. In doing so, the WG will take into account technical machine constraints and physics and detector needs regarding the fundamental ILC machine parameters such as energy, luminosity, crossing angles, etc.

The first task for the working group is to prepare multiple scenarios for staging up to about 500 GeV. The report should contain the pros and cons of each scenario as well as luminosities needed at each energy to produce corresponding physics results.

  Physics & Detector members

  • Tim Barklow
  • Jim Brau (co-convener)
  • Keisuke Fujii
  • Jenny List

  Accelerator members

  • Gao Jie
  • Kaoru Yokoya
  • Nick Walker (co-convener)

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