Working group - Physics

Physics working group


The physics working group is the central body in formulating the physics case for the linear collider, primarily for the ILC. It consists of experimentalists and theorists, and is closely connected with the physics analysis activities of CLIC and ILC. The deputy LCC director sits in the physics working group as an observer.


  • Keisuke Fujii
  • Christophe Grojean
  • Michael Peskin

Americas members

  • Tim Barklow
  • Maxim Perelstein
  • James Wells
  • Jaehoon Yu

Asian members

  • Yuanning Gao
  • Shinya Kanemura
  • Hyungdo Kim
  • Mihoko Nojiri
  • Tomohiko Tanabe

European members

  • Jenny List
  • Roman Poeschl
  • Juergen Reuter
  • Frank Simon


  • Hitoshi Murayama

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